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Restaurant Aubergine

29 ratings
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This classic neighbourhood restaurant is a safe bet if you're in the market for good food and an unpretentious vibe. Aubergine opened in the mid-nineties and has since then been the local residents' hangout of choice. The bar scene is bustling and the restaurant is heavily frequented during all opening hours.

Hearty Mediterranean fare, made from the finest Swedish ingredients, is served for both lunch and dinner. The restaurant boasts a simple bar menu and a more elegant dining room option. The intimate candlelit space is ideal for casual hang outs with a bottle of wine and talented bartenders shake up a mean cocktail or two in the bar.

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  • Ceasarsallad från lunchen – Photo from Restaurant Aubergine by Adam L.
  • Tryffelmeny – Photo from Restaurant Aubergine by Anna G.
  • Photo from Restaurant Aubergine by Veronica F.
  • Förrätt - anklever – Photo from Restaurant Aubergine by Jenny Q.


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8 Dec 2019

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The most obvious restaurant visit in a long time. For a long time, unfortunately.
I was so excited at their truffle weeks because of love truffles. But everything that could fall flat did.

The staff was the big problem. Not everything should fall on the guy who served us, he tried to t... Show full »

16 Sep 2021

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After ordering a few solo dinners on take away from Eggplant, I'm touched by the service. Picked up a simple starter and noticed to my surprise that the staff put in extra bread, a nice salad, etc. Things that make you like a restaurant a little extra ⭐️

29 Oct 2018

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I've been here for dinner a couple of times. The food is mediocre and you don't remember it. The staff were always very friendly and helpful. This was for about 2 years since I was there and promised to never come back.
But this weekend I was on brunch there. It's something new an... Show full »

1 Jun 2019

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Have actually only been here once. Most for some glass of wine and a charcuterie-I can not say how the jaw is otherwise.

The quality of the Charken and the accessories-was good and the wine nice besides. It was a pretty quiet evening and the venue is pleasant while the staff is relaxed and... Show full »

5 Sep 2019

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Call me nostalgic, but here me and my sweetheart had our first date as a new couple - and it has become several times since then! Good and well-prepared food, nice service and cozy décor. Best suited a crispy September Saturday delandes on a bottle of red!

24 Aug 2019

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Jag gillar det! Jag var här på middag och alla 4 var nöjda med både sin förrätt, huvudrätt och efterrätt. Servicen var superbra för oss, vi hade bokat bord inomhus men då solen kikade fram lyckades de lösa ett bord på uteserveringen. ... Show full »

17 Jan 2016 · Updated

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My favorite bistros. Great food, friendly staff and cosy just like bar.

9 Sep 2019

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Har tidigare hört massa bra om Aubergine, så förväntningarna var höga! Lokalen var lagom stor och mysig. Borden var en aningen för bära varandra, men det störde inte så värst mycket.

Vi beställde in anklever och råbiff till fö... Show full »

17 Nov 2019

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Varning för starkt partiskt recension. Jag var alltså här medans restaurangen hade TRYFFELTEMA. Ja, ni hör ju. Det kan ju inte gå annat än bra. Dock var faktiskt inte maten den bästa. Tryffelpastan till varmrätt får enbart en trea, då pastan hade... Show full »

24 Dec 2014 · Updated

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Come back often to the eggplant. I've often passing and it is a really good neighborhood restaurant. Truffle weeks in november each year, however, is worth traveling across town for. The regular menu is simple with decent prices. It is dark in the room, which I often do create good atmosphere w... Show full »

15 Nov 2016

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Eggplant is one of my favorite kvarterskrogar. Always consistent quality of both food and service. Can really recommend a visit during their truffle weeks which takes place in November each year.

30 Dec 2019

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Här skulle det vart bra om det fans en bredare skala att betygsätta på. Når inte upp till en fyra, men bättre än en trea. Det fick bli en trea.

Jag var här på tryffelveckorna, tryffel är ju förjävla gott. Kanske inte är helt rä... Show full »

30 Oct 2018

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Loved! Definitely a favorite place.

19 Jul 2017 · Updated

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Gillar förrätterna mer än varmrätterna. Tryffelveckorna är väldigt trevliga men känner mig sällan lyrisk efter ett besök. En stabil kvarterskrog men inte mer.

Uppdatering 2021: flertal besök sedan recensionen skrev kan jag konstatera att tre... Show full »

20 Mar 2015

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Eggplant is a nice neighborhood restaurant with many regulars. Nice setting, good food and good prices. They always have a daily special, if you just want to throw in something after work and not spend too much.
Extra fun is that with their truffle weeks and half the price on the menu during the... Show full »

12 May 2020

Tasty food, pleasant atmosphere and affordable prices;) I recommend

17 Jun 2017

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Very nice restaurant with very good food! Nice and cozy room! The food is very well prepared and tastes wonderful!
I ate three course and appetizer and main course were delicious in a long time! Dessert I'm more picky with who trained pastry chef, but rabarberpavlovan was very well thought... Show full »

2 Sep 2015

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On such a cruel address should be an equally cruel restaurant. Unfortunately, I am never really satisfied when I leave the Eggplant, rather it is with a shrug. Mainly, this is due to some shaky service and cuisine that is good, but nothing more than that.
Strong third due to location, half pric... Show full »

30 Nov 2018

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Det här var verkligen ett supermysigt ställe! Personalen var trevliga och den smörstekta torskryggen var magisk - mums!! Jag ska helt säkert tillbaka!

5 Sep 2018

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Väldigt trevlig och skön miljö! Rekommendera varmt!

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3 out of 5 · Aftonbladet · 2010-11-19

“Kvarterskrog med lyxkänsla”