Review of Stortorgskällaren – by Cristina S.

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I've just eaten this year's Christmas dinner at Stortorgskällaren and I just want to warn you. It was one of the worst Christmas dinners I've ever had. And then I've lived through a number over the years. It was a very mediocre Christmas party that lacked some obvious things such as gingerbread for example. Grumpy and disengaged staff. Sad room with no Christmas decorations except for a few candles.
The dessert table felt like the pizzeria of the quarter. Cheap pick & mix such as pacifiers and Bubs (!)
Julmust and Christmas beer were sold out as well as non-alcoholic beer.
A regular 33 cl. Beer cost 110 crowns and a glass of wine 135. Plura felt like a stamp of quality and should be ashamed to put its name on this insult to Christmas tradition. So - avoid as much as possible!