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"Hantverk" is the Swedish word for craft and a passion for craftsmanship in all its forms is the driving force behind this Östermalm meeting place - from the artisanal food and drinks served in elegant but relaxed surroundings to the handcrafted interiors.

You don't need to stray too far from the glitz and glamour of Stureplan to find this laid-back yet ambitious restaurant. Pass Humlegården park and cross Karlavägen and you'll find Hantverket, its name a reflection of the entire artisanal experience. The skill of the chefs and their ability to cook without compromise or shortcuts, as well as the decor, represent extensive experience and careful execution.

The kitchen team create dinner dishes that are all around the same size and can be combined as you like, rather than divided up into starters and main courses. The ingredients are primarily Swedish, but are often used in exciting and exotic flavour fusions. At lunchtime, they serve a daily lunch special, an à la carte menu and their "Little Swedish Cuisine" two or three course set menu.

Drinks are also important at Hantverket. At their cocktail table, "Spritbordet", all the usual rules of fine dining are turned upside down and guests get to sample a selection of cocktails that stimulate all the senses, paired with five creative dishes carefully chosen to enhance the flavours in each glass.

It's no coincidence that the interiors are all carefully selected and handcrafted either. The restaurant owner began his career as a carpenter and woodwork teacher and used to run the interior design company Svensk Inredning. At Hantverket, a love of genuine craftsmanship is evident in everything the restaurant does.

The kitchen closes at 10pm.

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30 Jul 2023

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I had heard a lot about the craft before I went here, this year. Had extremely high expectations of the place and they lived up to it!
I understand why people recommended it and I do the same.
The place is cozy, fresh, nicely decorated, modern, personal and all this makes it give a nice an... Show full »

23 Jan 2023

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Update from one of the best Stockholm has to offer. Saw that it's been a long time since I wrote a review, so it's time to update because it's still so amazingly good, so I'm raising to 5a.
The last time I was here, I think we almost managed to test almost everything on the m... Show full »

16 Jan 2023

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Birthday dinner at Hantverket. Magically good is an understatement. Menu of many dishes of the highest class in small formats. Exemplary service! Places that put their energy into the food crafts and service are magical! Highly recommended! 100s of seats both in the restaurant environment and the ch... Show full »

7 Sep 2019

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Well, this is shut up-good. For real. Bastards.
Love everything with this restaurant. The atmosphere, the interior and the staff.
The only thing about the menu consisting of intermediate dishes is that you really want to order everyone in. The recommendation 3-4 dishes and I was disgustingl... Show full »

15 Oct 2019

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Fantastiskt är ordet och jag har valt att dela upp recensionen i tre olika delar 1) Restaurangen i sin helhet 2) Personal och service samt 3) Menyn, maten och smakerna.

1. Jag har i många recensioner försökt beskriva hur jag vill att en restura... Show full »

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4 Feb 2020

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This recession relates to lunch and I can't wait to book a dinner at this place for wow so good! I fully understand that this place has been nominated in The Golden Dragon 2020.

Cozy restaurant where everything is very well thought out everything from bar to table in different sizes a... Show full »

26 Nov 2023

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26/11 2023!
Självaste på stora mörka och svartaste fredagen på året, närmare bestämt den 24/11 2023 så var det dags att sätta sig vid deras ”chefs table” på bästa Restaurang Hantverket! Det har gått några å... Show full »

24 Aug 2022 · Updated

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Now I have had both lunch and dinner at Hantverket and WOW. I love it! The lunches are very good, the food is of good quality but the dinner I was really wowed by. And then I still had high expectations because I only heard good things about Hantverket. I took three dishes and was absolutely satisfi... Show full »

10 May 2019

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One of my favorite restaurants in Stockholm!

Lovely atmosphere, good prices, service on top & the food is magical. My favorites I eat every time is Hasselbackspotatisen, mushroom Mackan & the rough steak.

7 Sep 2020

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Finally I have been able to visit Hantverket and what a visit it was!
It was a dining experience from start to finish. The restaurant itself is very nice. Nicely decorated, seems to be a nice outdoor dining area and all staff respond to an incredibly nice and service oriented!

We had a... Show full »

14 Jun 2020

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Today there was a long-awaited check for Hantverket 😍. This has been a restaurant that I have had high expectations and that was 😎 actually met. Served really good food, playful and tasteful dishes. My favorite was steak tartare, the perch sandwich and the rainbow starter. Would recommend going here... Show full »

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7 Jun 2021

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Så jävla härligt ställe. Miljön, servicen och den galet goda maten. Vi log oss igenom hela middagen och planerar redan nästa besök. Finns inget att klaga på.

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12 Apr 2019 · Updated

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Excellent location. Lovely oasis with warm colours and materials and plants. The atmosphere won me right away.
Sound level-perfect
Intimate, airy, classy, relaxed-a mix of the best.
Good for big and small groups.
The venue is divided into restaurant part and ba... Show full »

21 Feb 2020

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Äntligen äntligen har jag varit här!!!
Hade höga förväntningar på maten och Jag kan säga, ja de motsvarade mina förväntningar. alla rätter var inte wow i munnen men definitivt super gott. Trots det får de ändå en femma av m... Show full »

14 Mar 2019

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Lovely place! We celebrated a 30th birthday and had a top night.
The service was Svinbra, good wine and great drinks.

Hasselbackspotatisen and sponge sandwich was really good, the octopus was a bit overseasoned with garlic so it can a skip. But even so it will be a fiver, so good was... Show full »

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3 Oct 2023

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Spännande och kul smaker! Potatisarna är lite väl hype:ade, dom var inte SÅÅÅÅ goda. Helt klart värt ett besök och är peppad på att komma tillbaka och prova lite fler rätter som förhoppningsvis ska få det att panga... Show full »

28 Oct 2018

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Can be one of Stockholm's most attractively decorated restaurants. Love this place, which is a stone's throw from my home.
When you step into the room there is a bar section on your left side where there are several occasions played live music that raises the atmosphere of the entire... Show full »

13 Nov 2016 · Updated

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Edit juni 2023: Fortfarande lika bra 😍

Edit maj 2021: Nu även ätit lunch här några ggr, och det är lika bra det.

Edit mars 2020: Nu måste jag faktiskt höja upp till högsta betyg. Älskar Hantverket! Levererar alltid.

Edit maj 2... Show full »

30 Mar 2023

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Jag har velat besöka Hantverket en längre tid, då Ekengren är lite utav en husgud hemma hos mig. Äntligen blev det av då jag och maken firade 25 år tillsammans 💕!
Jag blev inte besviken, utan älskade hela konceptet! Inredningen, servicen och mat &... Show full »

25 Jan 2022

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4,5 stjärnor.
Jättegod mat, härlig atmosfär och bra service! Laxtartaren är fantastisk. OK rimliga priser.

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SvD Krogguiden

· 5 out of 6 · 2018-05-03

“Den generositet som vilar över både maten och bemötandet på Sturegatan hör inte till vanligheterna. Den är smått unik.”