Reviews of Minako

Amazing fish, friendly service and a cosy atmosphere. In the tasting menu, you even have the “house special”: Japanese scallops, French goose liver, Italian (?!) black truffle and Russian (??!!) sturgeon caviar. What else do you need?

I am however holding off on giving this res...

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It is with sadness to realize that this happy owner has passed away🙏🏽❤️
I remember when I went many years ago for a friend's birthday! Every dish he came up with, he sang "happy birthday to you" and was really charming host.

The venue is, like many well-qualified sushi ba...

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Absolutely loved this place! I've been a sushi lover since Japan during New Year's Eve and tried to satisfy my cravings with all kinds of ideas but here it really felt like a glimpse of Tokyo. Wonderfully fun and genuine service in the bar and magical to see them create the small works of...

Jättebra ställe !!! Man får mycket för pengarna. Fatty tuna, wagyu, bläckfisk. Man går inte därifrån hungrig. Väldigt trevlig personal, rolig dessutom. Lugn lokal. Varit där två gånger och är väldigt nöjd. Allt smäl...


Det är riktigt bra här. Klart värd avsmakningsmeny. Kul bara att sätta sig på sin plats i baren, rolig stämning med kock och personal

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We'll go for their big omakase, everything tastes good. Some of the dishes don't quite match the flavors. The staff are very nice and polite, a little difficult with them taking the plates when you have just finished eating. Think it is completely worth visiting, as it is an affordable tas...

Så mycket mat. Jag har varit på rätt många sushisittningar både utomlands ( framförallt japan) och här i Sverige, men aldrig har något ställe serverat så mycket mat som Minako gjorde. Jag var SÅ mätt efter halva sittningen! Minako ö...

Jag har ätit på Minako två gånger ( chef tabel). Det är helt underbart sushi, verkligen en upplevelse som få dig att njuta av sushi.
Kocken är underbart och närgång. Han framhärdar fisk smaken på ett speciell sätt. ...

2020-09-08. Fortfarande pandemi.

Gick hit på grund av rekommendationer från vänner och även Youtubekanalen Uppdrag Mat med Mauri.
Jag ska väl nämna ganska direkt att jag inte är något stort fan av varken sushi eller skaldjur, men trots detta...

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Do you want a proper tasting menu in sushi? This is the place!

We were here for dinner and had booked a table in advance, which was lucky considering it was fully booked. First transparency was positive, cozy local - however in times like these it was somewhat crowded but I definitely think...

Besökte Minako efter rekommendation och maten överträffade våra förväntningar.

Vi satt vid baren där kocken (som jag antar även är ägaren) körde omakase-style. Bra och fräscha råvaror och inget extra klet på fisken som...

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Felt for more luxurious sushi a Friday night checked thatsup and got up this place!

We took the small tasting menu, the difference between the large and small tasting (except 100kr price difference) is that to the main menu you get a serving of sashimi.

Small tasting menu 6 option...

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Quite simple, smaller place. They served no alcohol when I was there, but it was a while ago. Väääldigt Good sushi!

Fantastisk mat och trevligt ställe. Dock drar servitrisen ner betyget pga hon kunde absolut ingenting och gjorde fel gång på gång. Det hade en negativ inverkan på helheten.

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Incredibly good sushi place!

If you are going here I recommend to sit at the "bar" and see when the food is cooked. It's really such an incredible experience for a relatively low cost!

The staff is very friendly and helpful. Throughout the sitting we sat and chatte...

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Here you should go if you want really good food made from cruel ingredients, and do you think I'm not just to double check their Instagram for image proof. If you go here you must take omakase evening so you sit in the bar and get more food than you really should eat but it is so good that you...


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The most affordable tasting menu in town. The big one is 365 kr and you get jam-packed.
Genuine fresh product, good rice, good miso, very good. No soya or wasabi on the table when it is the chef who decides and arranges before.
Divine Food in Pleasant locality

Tror inget slår denna sushi i Sverige. Larvigt bra!