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Taylor Swift takes over Stockholm - three sold-out concerts at Friends Arena

Taylor Swift concerts

For the first time ever, American superstar Taylor Swift is coming to Stockholm. She'll be performing at three sold-out concerts at Friends Arena in Solna on the 17th, 18th and 19th May. The city now awaits an influx of excited “Swifties”, as her fans call themselves. Read on to find out everything...
7 May 2024
Stockholm's best indoor food halls

Food halls

Discovering Stockholm's indoor food halls and markets is a wonderful activity for anyone who enjoys browsing foodie delicacies, such as fresh fish and shellfish, fine cheeses, olive oils and gourmet pre-prepared dishes. Or why not sit down and enjoy a few oysters and a glass of bubbly in a delightfu...
27 Mar 2024
Where to enjoy Easter food at Stockholm restaurants

Easter food

Celebrating Easter in Stockholm this year? Why not skip the cooking and enjoy traditional Swedish Easter food out at a restaurant instead? There are several restaurants in Stockholm serving up classic Easter celebrations, in the form of Easter buffets, brunch and special Easter menus. Traditional di...
26 Mar 2024
Culture in Stockholm - a guide to the city's top spots for culture


From classic opera to experimental theatre, famous museums, concert houses and contemporary art galleries - Stockholm's cultural life has lots to offer. Whether you spend the weekend going to exhibitions, listening to jazz, going to the ballet or watching a certain type of films, the city is full of...
13 Feb 2024
The best cafés in Södermalm

Södermalm cafés

Södermalm is packed with cafés, making it a great neighbourhood to explore if you're a fan of the Swedish fika tradition. Many of the cafés are in SoFo, but you'll also find little gems dotted around the rest of Södermalm, such as in Hornstull and on Mariatorget, and these days they generally serve...
26 Mar 2024
New restaurants in Stockholm

New restaurants

Do you enjoy trying out new restaurants as much as we do? Then you've come to the right place. This is a collection of all the newly-opened restaurants in Stockholm. We updated the list continuously, removing restaurants that have been around for more than a year and adding new ones. Generally the h...
3 Jun 2024
Restaurants for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day restaurants

Valentine's Day is a popular holiday in Sweden nowadays and it's the perfect opportunity to eat a romantic dinner with your beloved. Going out to eat at a restaurant on Valentine's Day is always a good idea and many restaurants in Stockholm make a real effort to create a specially romantic atmospher...
12 Feb 2024
Where to buy stylish accessories in Stockholm


According to designer Michael Kors, it's accessories that make an outfit personal. A complete outfit is so much more than just the clothes you're wearing. Accessories are always a great way to zhuzh up any look. A stylish belt, necklace, earrings, watch or hat provide the all-important icing on the...
4 Sep 2023
The guide to Easter holidays in Stockholm

Easter holidays

If you happen to be in Stockholm with your children over the Easter holidays, there's plenty to do both in the city and just outside. Visit one of the city's many museums, get creative with Easter arts and crafts or run and play outdoors. Stockholm is full of activities that are fun for both large a...
23 May 2024
Where to try out virtual reality in Stockholm

Virtual reality

Virtual reality is an unusual, thrilling and adrenaline-packed activity and there are several VR centres you can try out in Stockholm. Don your VR headsets and step into virtual worlds, where you challenge friends at games or experience new places. Try out how it feels to float around in space, batt...
4 Sep 2023
The guide to Stockholm padel courts

Padel courts

The racket sport padel, which can be described as a hybrid of tennis and squash, has taken Stockholm and Sweden by storm and become extremely popular in a very short time. Perhaps because it's a relatively simple and enjoyable sport which can be enjoyed without any prior knowledge or experience. The...
4 Sep 2023
The best restaurants in Hägersten-Liljeholmen

Restaurants in Hägersten-Liljeholmen

Hägersten-Liljeholmen, just south of Hornstull, has become a serious food mecca in recent years. There are masses of must-visit restaurants to discover, particularly around Liljeholmskajen, Midsommarkransen and Telefonplan. The neighbourhood boasts a wide range of new culinary concepts, as well...
17 Jan 2024
Where to find Stockholm's best patisseries


Cafe society is alive and well in Stockholm and there are numerous gorgeous patisseries in the city for when you want to treat yoursef to exquisite pastries and good coffee. Are you in the mood for artistic creations served in contemporary surroundings or do you prefer a classic cinnamon bun in an o...
10 Apr 2024
The guide to conference venues in Södermalm

Conferences in Södermalm

If it's time for your business to gather new momentum with a conference or meeting, finding the right venue is a crucial part of the process. Södermalm has several great conference facilities, offering accommodation, catering and inspiring spaces and settings. Whether you're a large or slightly...
4 Sep 2023
Conference venues in Stockholm city centre

City-centre conference venues

Holding a conference in central Stockholm, within walking distance of Stockholm Central Station, is extremely practical if your guests are coming from all over the country or city. There's a wide range of spacious conference rooms to suit all kinds of meetings, from small and intimate to large all-d...
4 Sep 2023
The best restaurants in Gärdet

Restaurants in Gärdet

Gärdet was originally used as a military training ground in the 1670s. These days it's a popular part of the city characterised by classic functionalist architecture and its large green space. Here, just a stone's throw from Östermalm, you'll find wonderful walking paths and cosy café...
17 Jan 2024
Where to play paintball in Stockholm


Do you enjoy action and adrenaline-fuelled activities? Paintball, which is growing in popularity around the world, guarantees action-packed excitement. Paintball is played in teams on special courses, either indoors or outdoors. Every team is equipped with paintball markers that you shoot paint ball...
4 Sep 2023
Stockholm's best Chinese restaurants

Chinese restaurants

Stockholm diners love exploring exotic flavours beyond Sweden's borders and native homecooking. Chinese cuisine has long been a popular part of the city's restaurant scene. But what the city hasn't always been overwhelmed with are really great restaurants where the food tastes as authentic as it wou...
7 Mar 2024
The guide to Stockholm's best spots for live music

Live music

DJs are all well and good, but it's hard to beat the thrill of good old-fashioned, rhythmic, pulsing live music. Stockholm is bursting with places that appreciate the magic of live music, so it can be hard to keep track of them all. This guide helps you find just the right spot to suit your taste in...
21 May 2024
The best New Year's Eve dinner kits to take away

New Year's Eve at home

Bubbles, lobster and elegant desserts - New Year's Eve is almost upon us and if you're planning on hosting a New Year's Eve dinner at home this can mean a lot of planning and preparation. But you can make life a little easier on yourself and still impress guests with delicious food and an elegant fi...
19 Dec 2023
How to help people in need in Stockholm at Christmas

Charity at Christmas

Many regard Christmas as the most wonderful time of the year. Sadly, that isn't the case for everyone. Many people in Stockholm live in poverty, are homeless, lonely or socially excluded in some way. There are numerous organisations that work tirelessly each year to provide the most vulnerable membe...
7 Dec 2023
The guide to julbord for companies in Stockholm

Corporate julbord

Going out to eat a traditional Swedish Christmas buffet, or julbord, with colleagues to celebrate the past year is always a popular move, and there are numerous restaurants in Stockholm that are particularly suitable for corporate Christmas parties. Whether you're part of a smaller company that want...
12 Dec 2023
The guide to catering for Christmas parties in Stockholm

Catering for Christmas events

Whether you're arranging a Christmas party at home or at work, catering can be a lifesaver. Just order the meatballs, herring, Janssons Temptation and other goodies and let the festive fun begin. We list some catering companies in Stockholm that specialise in catering for your julbord or other Chris...
20 Feb 2024
Where to go cross-country skiing in Stockholm

Cross-country skiing

When the temperature and snow begin to fall, the urge to strap on skis and hit the cross-country trails grabs many Swedes. You don't have to head up to the mountains to get your fix; there are plenty of well-maintained ski tracks in and around Stockholm, most of them accessible by public transport.
2 Jan 2024
The best restaurants in Norrtälje

Norrtälje restaurants

Norrtälje, the main town of the Roslagen area, is around 45 minutes north of Stockholm. The idyllic small town, with its cobblestones and harbour, has everything you could want in terms of day trips, activities, spas and - naturally - food and drink. Many of Norrtälje's restaurants serve l...
5 Sep 2023
The guide to nature reserves and walking trails in Stockholm

Nature reserves and walks

Sometimes you need to leave the big city behind and head out into nature to relax and breathe. There are several nature reserves in Stockholm, both small and large, that are ideal for long hikes or a gentle stroll. The larger reserves have trails stretching several miles and in some places you can s...
4 Sep 2023
Where to go bowling in Stockholm

Bowling halls

There are few activities that can beat a classic bowling match. There are masses of great places to bowl in Stockholm - from old-fashioned bowling halls to large activity centres and laid-back pubs. Whether you fancy a post-work game, a whole night out or a day with the family, you'll find the place...
8 Nov 2023
The guide to bookshops in Stockholm


On the hunt for a fascinating biography, a great novel, inspiring children's saga or thrilling fantasy book? Or perhaps some beautiful art books for your coffee table? There are plenty of wonderful bookshops in Stockholm where you can while away an afternoon browsing the literary treasures. Buying b...
5 Oct 2023
The guide to haunted places in Stockholm

Haunted places

Believe it or not, but Stockholm is full of haunted houses and mysterious places that are said to be home to ghosts and spirits. If you like hair-raising adventures, there are plenty of haunted spots in Stockholm where you can experience a seriously spooky atmosphere, and perhaps even spot the odd g...
5 Feb 2024
The guide to brunch in the Stockholm archipelago

Brunch in the archipelago

One of the best things about Stockholm is its proximity to the Stockholm archipelago, easily accessible from the city centre. Whether you're visiting the capital or live here permanently, an outing to the islands is a must. There are countless beautiful islands and skerries, with bathing spots, natu...
9 Apr 2024
The guide to Stockholm's guided city tours

City tours

Joining a city tour in Stockholm is a great way to discover the capital city, whether you live in Stockholm or are just visiting. Perhaps you want to explore the city's famous attractions or discover the beautiful natural surroundings in and around town. City tours are organised all year round, with...
9 Nov 2023
The guide to coworking spaces in Stockholm

Coworking spaces

Stockholm has an extensive selection of coworking spaces and office hotels. The city is one of the world's leading cities when it comes to successful startups and one of the secrets of their success is access to coworking spaces where businesses can network with each other and develop togehter. Cowo...
21 Feb 2024
The best brunch in Vasastan and Kungsholmen

Brunch in Vasastan and Kungsholmen

You'll find plenty of restaurants and cafés in Vasastan and Kungsholmen that serve up a great weekend (and in a few cases weekday) brunch. Whether you're in the mood for something healthy or decadently delicious to fill your belly with, there's a restaurant in these central neighbourhoods to...
20 May 2024
The best brunch spots in the city centre and Old Town

City centre and Old Town brunch

Fancy rounding off the week with a leisurely brunch in the heart of Stockholm city or among the cobblestone alleyways of the Old Town? There are plenty of restaurants to choose from, whether you're in the mood for a classic brunch buffet or a sit-down à la carte brunch. Tuck into goodies such...
27 May 2024
Södermalm's best brunch spots

Södermalm brunch

Södermalm is full of fabulous brunch spots. Whether you're in the mood for a juicy burger, some small sharing plates, something healthy or a generous brunch buffet, you'll find what you're looking for here. Stop in Sofo (South of Folkungagatan) for a weekend brunch or settle in for a long lazy...
8 Apr 2024
The best bars in the city centre

City centre bars

Hotel bars, rooftop bars, classic beer bars and historic premises - Stockholm city centre is packed with unique bars serving up fabulous cocktails created by skilled bartenders. Their central addresses make these bars ideal for dropping into after a day in the city or for staying late when you want...
4 Jun 2024
The best bars in Vasastan

Vasastan bars

French, Spanish, Asian, South American, Polynesian, American, Swedish... Vasastan's bar scene takes its inspiration from all corners of the globe. Whether you're in the mood for experimental cocktails or a great glass of wine, this part of town has something for even the most discerning of drinkers.
20 May 2024
The guide to great Stockholm hotels with spas

Hotels with spas

Staying in a hotel is a luxury in itself but if you want to add a cherry on top there's a wide range of hotels in and around Stockholm with spas. Whether you're celebrating a birthday, anniversary, hen do or a just treating yourself and someone special to a weekend away, an overnight stay complete w...
17 Jan 2024
The best brunch in Östermalm and Djurgården

Brunch in Östermalm and Djurgården

If you fancy going out for brunch in Östermalm there are plenty of popular spots in the neighbourhood to choose from. Take a break from shopping or a long walk, or just relax with a long, relaxing weekend lunch. We guide you to Östermalm's and Djurgården's best brunch spots, whether...
22 May 2024
Södermalm's best bars

Södermalm bars

Few parts of Stockholm are as packed with restaurants and bars as Södermalm. Historic beer cafés sit alongside cutting-edge, award-winning cocktail bars with skilled mixologists. We've gone through all the bars in Södermalm with a fine toothcomb and have listed the best bars in each...
23 May 2024
Stockholm's best Christmas lunch

Christmas lunch

Take a break from the festive frenzy, book yourself a Christmas lunch and enjoy a classic julbord buffet with all the traditional Swedish flavours, or something with alternative flavours. If you don't feel like spending an entire evening celebrating Christmas, a Christmas lunch can be a slightly mor...
3 Jun 2024
Stockholm's best day spas

Day spa

A quick massage in your lunch hour, a deep facial treatment after work or an entire spa day with clay masks and aromatic foot baths? There are plenty of spas in Stockholm where you can enjoy all imaginable wellness cures and treatments. If you're in need of a little extra relaxation in the heart of...
1 Dec 2023
The best places to eat brunch outside the city centre

Brunch outside the city

You don't need to stay in the city centre to round off your week with a great brunch - far from it. There are plenty of restaurants and cafés serving brunch outside central Stockholm, both buffet-style and à la carte. From archipelago inns and manor house restaurants to cosy neighbourh...
3 Jun 2024
Östermalm's best bars

Bars in Östermalm

Exclusive Östermalm has numerous excellent restaurants and most of them include bars that maintain an equally high standard. There are also a few recently-opened spots that specialise in drinks. This part of Stockholm is geographically large and draws in a wide crowd, with bars offering everyth...
4 Mar 2024
Where to sing karaoke in Stockholm

Karaoke bars

Songbird or tone deaf - if there's one activity that's great fun for everyone it's singing karaoke. There are more karaoke bars in Stockholm than ever before, both private karaoke rooms and open mike, all perfect for hen and stag dos and spontaneous nights out with friends. Take your inspiration fro...
4 Jun 2024
The guide to Stockholm's best fast food

Fast food restaurants

Fast food has always been a popular choice but recently the quality has improved markedly. People are increasingly conscious of what they choose to put in their bodies and, as a result, fastfood chains and restaurants are raising their game. There are now numerous fastfood spots in Stockholm serving...
5 Jun 2024
The best breakfast in Vasastan

Breakfast in Vasastan

Take a break and treat yourself to a little everyday luxury with breakfast out on the town. Vasastan has plenty of options, breakfast-wise - everything from trendy juice bars to cosy cafés and bistros and restaurants serving a range of breakfasts to earlybirds and night owls alike. Follow our...
20 May 2024
The guide to lunch spots in Södermalm

Lunch in Södermalm

Södermalm is full of trendy lunch spots and culinary concepts of all kinds. Finding it hard to find the right spot? Follow our guide to the neighbourhood's best lunch restaurants for a business lunch, lunch date or a quiet moment with a sandwich and your laptop. The restaurants in this lunch gu...
5 Jun 2024
The guide to affordable lunch in Stockholm

Affordable lunch

Eating lunch out can turn into an expensive habit, but luckily there are plenty of places in Stockholm serving delicious and relatively cheap lunches for anyone who "forgot" to bring last night's leftovers in to work. Follow our guide to Stockholm's best budget-friendly lunch, from healthy fastfood...
5 Jun 2024
Where to find bars in Stockholm that are open late

Late-night bars

Nightclubs and heaving dancefloors aren't the only options in Stockholm once most bars have closed for the evening. If you want to keep going after 1am without going all-in, there are plenty of bars that don't close until 2 or 3am. Some only on Fridays and Saturdays, others on both weekdays and week...
4 Jun 2024